Manipur Mission Field

Manipur Field

Focused people group - Hindu Meitei's. Method adopted are Evangelism, Church planting and school. There are 12 local Churches and 3 Fellowships with a membership of 638. Twenty three (23) missionaries worked in this field.

Field Superintendent

Rev. L. Khaikhansong

Office Staff

Mr. Thangbiaklian Tombing (Accountant)
Mrs. Nemzamawi (Office Assistant)
Mr. Deb Singh (Chowkidar)

Contact Number



Sln Name Designation Station/Sepnamun
01 Rev S. Thang Johnson Field Superintendent Field Office: Paite Veng, Imphal
02 Pastor Kh. Girani Singh Area Pastor Thamnapokpi
03 Pastor L. Amuba Singh Area Pastor D.Phailian
04 Pastor Th. Ibomcha Area Pastor Thoubal Khunou
05 Pastor O. Manibabu Area Pastor Thanga salam
06 Pastor Kh. Manglemba Area Pastor Nambol
07 Pastor S. Deban Singh Area Pastor Toubul
08 Liansuanmung Guite Evangelist Field Office/Office Asst.
09 M. Deva Singh Evangelist Field Office
10 S. Johnson Evangelist Thiyam Konjin
11 L. Ginmuanmang Ngaihte Evangelist IES, Thiyam Konjin
12 Mary Ngaihte Evangelist IES, Thiyam Konjin
13 M. Manihar Evangelist Awangjiri
14 Priya Devi Evangelist Thoubal Khunou
15 Leibakmacha Evangelist Naranseina
16 Prembala Devi Evangelist Kwakeithel
17 S. Mangibabu Evangelist Nachou
18 S. Premjit Evangelist Kangmong
19 Seitamjit Evangelist Jiribam
20 N. Lokeshore Evangelist Khordak
21 Sakhi Devi Evangelist Oinam
22 M. Surchandra Evangelist Naranseina
23 Th. Ingocha Evangelist Thamnapokpi
24 M. Manichaoba Evangelist Thanga Heisnam
25 Ginkhenmung Guite Evangelist Langol
26 Ngaikhojam Evangelist D.Phailian
27 Kh. Binoy Singh Evangelist Wapokpi
28 Marina Manngaihlian Evangelist IES, Thiyamkonjin


Sln Name Designation Station/Sepnamun
01 Ch. Jano Singh Native Evangelist Utlou
02 N. Jonah Singh Native Evangelist Wapokpi/Sugnu
03 L. SonKumar Singh Native Evangelist Mangjing
04 N.Hemanta Singh Native Evangelist Thanga Chingkha
05 P. Anand Singh Native Evangelist Oinam
06 N. Naba Singh Native Evangelist Ningthoukhong
07 Kh Tomba Native Evangelist Langol
08 A Govin Native Evangelist Jiribam
09 S. Suranjoy Native Evangelist Sabantongba
10 Ch. Shitaljit Native Evangelist Toubul
11 A Joykumar Native Evangelist Awangjiri
12 S. Vumkhankhual Headmaster IES Thiyam Konjin


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